Edgar Sherman on Rifle Sling Design, Angled Foregrips, Long-Range Shooting, and More (Part 1)

Let’s say you could design any piece of firearms gear you wanted.

You have the skills, resources, and knowledge to build almost anything. What would you make? 

Magazines? Barrels? Night Vision? Body Armor? Grenades? 

Well, if you’re Edgar Sherman, the answer is “rifle slings.” 

Edgar Sherman is an engineer, product designer, and founder of Edgar Sherman Design. 

He’s also a very interesting guy with a lot of opinions and insight into shooting, the firearms industry, and equipment design, selection, and use. 

His flagship product—the ESD rifle sling—has developed something of a cult following among the tactical shooting and military community.

At first this might seem odd—why would anyone get excited about a rifle sling, especially when there are so many good options from other companies like Blue Force Gear, Farrow Concepts, Viking Tactics, and the like?

Well, the reason Edgar’s slings are selling faster than he can make them, lies in Edgar’s story and the obsessive level of detail that went into a product so seemingly simple as a rifle sling.

The best part? 

Edgar’s just getting started.

He’s also released an improved angled foregrip, a rifle support bag, and a duffel bag, and he’s working on a plate carrier, an upgrade kit for concealed carry holsters, and several other products. 

In part one of this two-part episode, Edgar and I talk about the genesis of Edgar Sherman Design, how Edgar became interested in shooting and the military, the science behind helmet design and his experiences working at one of the largest and most advanced helmet manufacturers for the U.S. Military, and why and how he created his ESD rifle sling.

Also, I have a special announcement for you before we get into the show. 

As a thank you for listening to and supporting the show, I’m giving away a free ESD rifle sling in multicam black to whoever leaves the best review and rating for this show on iTunes. 

To win this sling, all you have to do is leave a review and rating for this podcast on iTunes by January 1st, 2020. 

I’m not just doing this to coax you into leaving a review for this show, either. This is the same sling I currently use on my home defense and hunting rifles, and I’m curious to hear what others think of it. Testing out the sling is also a great way to support Edgar and everything he’s working on, too.

To enter for a chance to win this sling, go to AmericanArmsPodcastReview.com, which will take you to the iTunes page for this podcast. Once you’re on the iTunes page, click “Ratings and Reviews,” then click “Write a Review,” and then share your thoughts about either this episode or the show in general. 

To prove you left a review, take a screenshot of the review and email it to armi@americanarmamentco.com.

I’ll go through the submissions, pick the best one, and email you to get your shipping information so I can send you the sling. I’ll also announce the winner on a future episode of this podcast.

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Time Stamps

4:25 How Edgar became interested in the gun industry

14:00 How Edgar becme interested in joining the military

16:45 Why Edgar didn’t join the military

19:50 How Edgar started designing military equipment

28:10 The design of the ESD rifle sling

30:45 The history of modern military helmet design

35:15 What makes the ESD sling unique (and what’s wrong with most other sling designs)

50:42 Who needs a rifle sling?